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Top 5 reasons that you should buy a franchise

The GetintheLoop Local program is rapidly gaining steam - it’s North America’s fastest growing franchise - and now is a perfect opportunity for dedicated entrepreneurs to hop aboard the train. There are exciting opportunities for franchise owners looking to operate out of territories in major metropolitan cities or small- to mid-size markets.

GetintheLoop is the top-rated iOS and Android application of its kind in Canada that allows businesses to deliver real-time experiences and exclusive offers directly to the mobile phones of engaged consumers. Our talented GetintheLoop Local owners help connect local companies with this technology.

There are countless reasons why GetintheLoop Local franchise owners have fallen in love with their new career, but here are five common ones:

1) Start-up is easy peasy:

While Rome wasn’t built in a day, it won’t take long for your franchise to get up and running. After you’ve made the decision to become a franchisee, our experts will immerse you in the platform through Loop University and hold your hand for some introductory sales. We guarantee you’ll have made your first sale by the end of training.

We’re not looking to bog you down like some traditional franchise models. Our start-up fee is low as we’re looking to attract motivated individuals with big ideas, not big pocketbooks. You don’t need to purchase an office with expensive equipment or hire employees.

2) Each day brings the opportunity to discover local wonders

Everyone loves shopping local. The products are one-of-a-kind and the people behind the businesses always have a remarkable story to tell. Historically it has been difficult, however, for local businesses to afford much in the way of marketing.

As a GetintheLoop Local franchise owner, you’re helping to bring these businesses an affordable, but incredibly effective software that will put them on the map and drive local consumers to unique shopping experiences. This process will open your eyes to the incredible local gems out there; you’ll be like a treasure hunter.

3) You have the ability to customize your workday

The traditional workplace model of punching a clock and planting yourself at a cubicle all day is not conducive to great businesses. The adaptable workplace environment of GetintheLoop Local allows franchisees to create a schedule that will help them be most productive.

While all GetintheLoop owners work hard to deliver the platform to clients, they have the freedom to work from a mobile office or rearrange their schedule if an important family moment pops up. Each entrepreneur has their own unique process for getting the job done and we’re happy to embrace your creative process.

4) We’re here for you

If you’re like most of our franchisees, you’ll be eager to jump off the deep end once training has ended. If at any point you feel like you’re starting to sink, we’re here with a buoy. Whether a client stumps you with a tough question, you’re having an issue with the software or you aren’t sure how to execute your marketing campaign, we’ll provide an answer promptly.

Franchise owners are assigned a market development manager, local support manager and local marketing manager so the three core aspects of their business are supported by three people in the GetintheLoop staff who have those skill sets specifically.

5) We’ll show you the money

A steady income stream is important for any franchise owner. As we've grown to 35 markets, we've attracted regional and national clients. You'll earn passive revenue through our unique national account revenue sharing program.

Mobile marketing is a great medium to invest in and it’s not hard to sell clients on the many benefits. Traditional advertising in newspapers, phone books and radio stations is going the way of the dinosaur. By choosing a career in mobile marketing, you’re working in an industry where the sky’s the limit and the revenue potentials are through the roof.

Like what you read? Get in touch with our franchise development team and we’ll give you even more reasons to get excited!

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