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We’ve been in the business of supporting local since 2013. While there are definitely some more faces in the family, we’ve never strayed from our values.

Two girls sitting in a local café browsing offers and discounts on GetintheLoop's web appA GetintheLoop Partner attracts customers to their booth at the farmers' market using the appA woman eating a salad at a local restaurant that she bought for less using the GetintheLoop appA woman uses the GetintheLoop app to redeem rewards at a local retail storeA man browses local offers, rewards, and events on his phone while sitting in a park

Where We Began

GetintheLoop was initially launched as a simple (and creative, if we do say so ourselves) text message platform to help golf courses fill their unsold tee times. Back in 2013, business efforts through SMS were relatively new and innovative concepts.

Soon after launching, our founder Matt started to receive inquiries from golf courses in other cities, and even other types of businesses in Kelowna, BC asking if GetintheLoop could expand into their markets.

Our Success

As GetintheLoop added new categories like restaurants, spas, and retail, and started to launch in new markets, it attracted the attention of Canada's major media companies. While partnerships with Bell, Corus, Pattison, and Stingray resulted in rapid growth through Western Canada, Matt believed that local ownership mattered.

Inspired by the potential of creating a franchise ownership model around GetintheLoop's software, Matt posted a few online classifieds in 2018 and sold the first 8 franchises within just a few months, making GetintheLoop the first SaaS franchise model in the world.

What started as an innocent, fun project to help connect local golf courses has since grown into a dynamic tech platform that connects local businesses with a thriving community of over 3 million engaged consumers.

With hundreds of local entrepreneurs representing GetintheLoop, our platform is becoming a leading communications tool for businesses across North America to reach, engage, and acquire local customers, while truly being a grassroots local business in each community we serve. GetintheLoop is proudly one of the fastest-growing digital networks in North America.

Today, our platform is live in Canada and the United States, we share an integration partnership with BenefitHub, and we’re recognized by the Canadian Franchise Association and the International Franchise Association.

GetintheLoop Local Franchise Owner Michael DeLong poses beside a white GetintheLoop branded Jeep
Want more from Matt? Check out #LovetheGrind for his insights and updates!

Our Mission:
Where You Come In

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to use the GetintheLoop platform and help local businesses grow their revenue through the power of mobile marketing. GetintheLoop Local was created to help entrepreneurs control their income and schedule, and create significant value for local businesses in their community. As a GetintheLoop Local Owner, you’re an integral part of not only your community’s growth, but the growth of the entire company. GetintheLoop isn’t like other franchises because competition and greed don’t exist here. Businesses, Local Owners, and the company as a whole work as a team towards growth. Earn recurring revenue while growing your business, and your community.
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A GetintheLoop franchisee duo pose together at a digital franchise eventGetintheLoop booth and banners provided by HQ to Local Franchise Owners to help them grow and attract new Partners

Meet Your Support System


Say hello to your marketing team! The marketing team works around the clock to create content for your social media accounts, sales sheets and infographics to help you attract new businesses, seasonal best practice guides, and digital ads that run while you sleep. Plus, they’re on standby to help fulfil your requests for push notifications, email campaigns, and more. As a franchisee, you’ll never be without marketing expertise and strategic guidance!

Sales and Training

The sales and training teams join forces to support you before, during, and after you become a franchisee! Every franchisee completes their mandatory Loop University course where you’ll learn the ins and outs of the platform, how to best leverage the tools for success, and how to break into your market. The sales team is always in communication with our franchise network and works together to onboard new partners.
A GetintheLoop Local Franchise Owner and business Partner shake hands in front of a local bakery in Kelowna, BC

Owner Support

As franchisees complete onboarding and start to grow their market, the owner support team is your point of contact for anything you may need to help you reach success! Owner support sends all franchisees a welcome kit complete with business cards and marketing materials to help get you started, and can connect you with the right people for virtually anything you may need to help grow your market. Need a banner for a farmer’s market? Want advice on a digital strategy? The owner support team will get you where you need to be!


The product team is in charge of, well, the product! This team consists of developers and engineers constantly updating and optimizing the platform, and strategists that plan new features and tools to add to the platform. As the platform improves and becomes more intuitive, it becomes easier for franchisees to track growth and appeal to new business partners. As new features roll out, the team ensures that all franchisees are well-aware and ‘in the loop’! We couldn’t resist the pun.
From small to national-sized, together we help businesses thrive.

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