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Affordable. Scalable.
Own a digital franchise.

GetintheLoop is a franchise that fits in the palm of your hand—seriously! Earn recurring revenue by bringing a full digital marketing toolbox to local businesses without being a marketing expert.
A GetintheLoop testA franchisee part of GetintheLoop's digital franchise working remotelyMatt Crowell, CEO of digital franchise GetintheLoop, speaking to a camera at a franchise expo
Two GetintheLoop Local Franchisees posed side by side in black GetintheLoop t-shirts at a team event

We’re one of the fastest-growing digital franchises
in North America for a reason.

GetintheLoop has all the benefits of a traditional franchise without the huge startup cost or being tied to one location. Our business model is tried and true, and all you need to get started is a phone, tablet, or laptop, and the ability to visit businesses in your community.

GetintheLoop Local Franchise Owner Michael DeLong from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
“I had no idea the extent of their support at the onset of joining the team and I am so grateful for their guidance! ”
GetintheLoop Local Franchise Owner Kristen LeClair from Cowichan, British Columbia, Canada
“We were drawn to Getintheloop because it gave us an opportunity to make a difference on a local level but with the power of a national brand.”

Invest in your business—not somebody else’s.

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A smiling business Partner of GetintheLoop's digital franchise opens their store with an open sign

How does it work?

Businesses pay you a monthly subscription to use GetintheLoop’s platform; a powerful bundle of tools that make digital marketing easy.
With the platform, they:

Create exclusive offers shoppers can’t get anywhere else
Grow customer loyalty with the built-in rewards program tool
Reach new clientele with integrations on high-traffic 3rd party platforms
Stand out by hosting exclusive contests
Stay top-of-mind with consistent communication through emails, social media, and push notifications
Are instantly connected with a thriving audience of over 3 million that love to shop local

GetintheLoop works because head office, Local Franchise Owners, and Business Partners all work towards one common goal: growth! It’s a win-win-win.

Affordable Start-Up Cost
Initial fees are affordable, and there’s often low overhead cost. You have the potential to earn your initial investment back in months, not years.
No Glass Ceiling
Our platform is built for growth; there’s no limit on how many businesses you can onboard! The business works even when you don’t, earning you revenue around the clock.
Marketing Isn’t Going Anywhere
Businesses can’t afford to skip out on marketing, and digital trends change every day. GetintheLoop stays ahead by updating our tech and strategies based on real time feedback from Partners, Members, and Local Franchise Owners.
Local at Our Core
Starting as a simple SMS system to fill unsold nearby golf times, supporting local is at our core and a niche that we successfully own, no matter how much we’ve grown.

Brands you know use GetintheLoop!

Popeyes logo, National Partner of GetintheLoopSunrise Records logo, National Partner of GetintheLoopMucho Burrito logo, National Partner of GetintheLoopCushman & Wakefield logo, Shopping Center Partner of GetintheLoopT.Kettle logo, National Partner of GetintheLoop
See why these businesses and more trust GetintheLoop.

Haven’t heard of a digital franchise before?

Good! It’s because we’re not like other franchises. An audience of three million, over 6,500 business Partners, and a network of Local Franchise Owners are proof that our business model works. We’re a network of people working towards the same goal for good: building up the businesses in our communities. With a team of experts to take care of the tech, the only thing standing between you and your new franchise is your onboarding training.
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Two GetintheLoop Local Franchise Owners stand side by side with a thumbs-up gesture at a team eventA group of GetintheLoop Local Franchise Owners and HQ members smile for a photo in Kelowna, BC
CEO of GetintheLoop, Matt Crowell, poses for a photo in downtown Kelowna, BCMatt Crowell, CEO of digital franchise GetintheLoop, speaking to a camera at a franchise expo

Building a business from the ground up is hard.

I know because I’ve done it. But now that I have, I can make it easier for entrepreneurs like you to start out by passing on a part of my success. 

The most important thing to us when it comes to our franchisees is how we educate entrepreneurs about our opportunity. We make sure we’re transparent about what the GetintheLoop franchise looks like, and if it’s right for you. We’re not a franchise sales company; we’re an education company. 

We’re looking for people who’re committed to their local community, want to build a business, and are excited to become an entrepreneur with freedom around their day-to-day. So, why not take on a business that’s already built for you? 

I’ve seen how GetintheLoop changes lives for the better, and I’d love to see you own this success too. 

Matt Crowell
Founder & CEO of GetintheLoop
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Our FAQs

Here’s what most Local Owners ask about before they
join the network.
How many GetintheLoop Members are in my area?
GetintheLoop has a total addressable audience of over 3 million users across North America, but the amount of users in each city and/or market varies. If you’re interested to know how many users are in your area, that’s something we can jump on a call and answer—get in touch!
Are GetintheLoop franchisees limited to small businesses?
No way! Lifting up local doesn’t mean only small businesses. GetintheLoop has many large commercial partners like shopping centres, golf courses, hotels, resorts, and more a part of our network. As long as a business is in your market, you can sign them on!
How many businesses can I sign on to GetintheLoop’s platform?
The limit does not exist! You can sign on as many businesses to your GetintheLoop franchise as you possibly can. More businesses on the platform means three things: a) more money in your pocket, b) more selection for Members, attracting them to use the app, and c) with more Member usage, you have a bigger consumer audience to sell to new partners. Its’ a win-win-win.
What is GetintheLoop’s Local Franchise Network?
GetintheLoop’s Local Franchise Network is our collective group of GetintheLoop franchisees (aka Local Owners) across North America. We gather online weekly with our Local Franchise Network to celebrate wins, have franchisees share advice, and communicate new initiatives franchise wide. Hearing from our franchisees is incredibly important to our growth, so we always open the floor to hear what we can do to offer better support. It’s not all serious though⁠! We gather in-person as often as we can so that franchisees and the HQ team can get to know eachother better, build friendships, collaborate on business ideas, and have some good ‘ol fun.
What is the startup cost of a GetintheLoop franchise?
The cost of a GetintheLoop franchise varies from a one-time investment of $20,000 to $35,000 depending on the size of the market. Why this much? The entirety of your investment goes towards the physical and digital initiatives needed to start up your market, like digital ads, automation software for things like email campaigns, physical promotional material like signage and business cards, social media set up, and of course, the people-power to make it all happen.
Can GetintheLoop be a side hustle?
In short? GetintheLoop most likely cannot be a side hustle. You have the flexibility to set your business up in a way that works for your lifestyle, but it’s not a passive income opportunity. The franchise will need your attention to grow and flourish! That being said, if you chose to franchise as a team as opposed to solo, running your GetintheLoop franchise alongside other business ventures could be possible.

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