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The Ideal Franchisee

The most common question that prospective franchise owners ask us is “what does the ideal franchisee look like?”

It’s a great question. GetintheLoop franchises are different than typical franchises. We don’t require specific job experiences or education. Our franchisees come from many different professional backgrounds. And we made our franchise fee affordable to ensure no one was deterred.

However, there are a few traits that make our franchisees successful.

  • Connected in the local community
  • Willing to approach business owners
  • Ready to work hard
  • Passionate about entrepreneurship

The ideal GetintheLoop franchisee is well connected within their community and willing to get out there and start conversations. GetintheLoop was built to connect local consumers to businesses around them. The better you know your community, the faster your message will spread. The higher your comfort level in approaching local business owners, the more sales you will make. Both of these traits will directly impact your ability to get businesses on the app.

In addition, it’s incredibly important that prospective franchisees are ready to work hard. While this may seem like common sense, when you purchase a GetintheLoop franchise, you are becoming a business owner. We’re here to support you, but the success of your franchise truly is dependant on your work ethic and willingness to hustle.

Above all else, a GetintheLoop franchisee needs to be passionate about entrepreneurship and truly care about connecting local businesses with local consumers. This is at the core of what GetintheLoop is, and it’s important to us that our franchisees truly feel that GetintheLoop will benefit their community.

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