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Local Win: Michael DeLong and The Start of a Trend

This local win goes to Michael DeLong from Hamilton!

Michael signed three new Partners and had another annual Partner renew during the week of August 26th, 2022.

"First, I owe Matty and Jason credit for their continued support in building the relationship with Digital Main Street."

The first signing was Footprints Music, part of the Main Street Association. The owner of Footprints recognized the value of GetintheLoop, reached out to Michael to learn more, and signed up after meeting in person. The second signing, Basilique Restaurant, is a part of Michael's alliance with the Westdale Village BIA. The BIA’s endorsement continues to make conversations easier, and provides a true win-win for everyone. And lastly, Michael participates in a weekly local farmers market and had made contact with a business owner that loved what she was hearing and wanted to know how she could get her business involved. As a result, Green Ash Decor signed up during the first follow-up meeting.

Michael is optimistic that this is the start of a trend;

"Over the last few months, the conversation about GetintheLoop with potential prospects has been very well received. I genuinely believe we are beyond the uncertainty of COVID and finally in a position to turn the page," Michael says,

"Local business owners need our support and are now looking to move forward. They understand the value we provide and, more importantly, are willing to pay for our services." He adds.

Great job Michael, we're optimistic too!

‍Just like Michael, help your community thrive.

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