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GetintheLoop Announces US Expansion Through Partnership with BenefitHub

GetintheLoop’s newest partnership with BenefitHub means 10 million US BenefitHub members will receive local offers (created using GetintheLoop’s platform) from merchants in their area. This partnership establishes an engaged audience in the US, giving new GetintheLoop Local Franchise Owners coming on board in the US a head start.

In a closer look at this partnership, offers created on GetintheLoop’s platform will become integrated into BenefitHub where millions of Canadian Members will be able to explore and seamlessly redeem offers without having to leave BenefitHub’s platform.

BenefitHub Founder and CEO Seif Saghri explains, “the partnership with GetintheLoop will bring substantially more value to our members in Canada and connect us more closely to the communities our members live in.”  

The partnership also adds more value to local businesses across Canada and gives them additional exposure within a well-respected platform.

Matt, GetintheLoop’s Founder and CEO who graduated from RIT in Rochester, New York explains, “it’s exciting to bring GetintheLoop to the US, and this partnership is a key building block in achieving our next goal of growing the shop local movement across every neighbourhood in North America”. He continues, “The timing of the partnership couldn’t be better as Canadian businesses begin to reopen and need digital tools and support to let consumers know they’ve survived, they’re open, and why you need to come in!”. 

The US partnership with BenefitHub will kick start GetintheLoop’s expansion into the United States. Matt Crowell adds, “the partnership will help thousands of local businesses connect with millions of BenefitHub members while creating a business opportunity for entrepreneurs in every community in the United States.”

It’s excellent news for Canadian franchisees too. The partnership effectively scales up the company, accelerating many development plans that benefit the Canadian franchise owners. As GetintheLoop travels with its Members and tourism begins to flow between Canada and the States again, millions of Members on either side of the border will potentially see BenefitHub’s offers as they travel. 

Founder and CEO Matt Crowell sums up the partnership with BenefitHub in the following video.

GetintheLoop is now accepting franchise applications in the US. 

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